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We support companies, teams and individuals as they tackle behaviour change and authentic transformation. We have a proven, practical model which is complemented by our cost effective and scalable change agent called Bloom.

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Cracking The Change Code.101

Welcome to Cracking The Change Code!

In this 2 hour learning experience you will better understand how change works and your ability to embrace it. You will learn to use the MyCube4Change map and the digital coach Bloom, to help you successfully and sustainably navigate change.


Experience Change

Learn what a chance cycle is, how you can refine your change focus and experiencing a novel method for change


What's a change cycle? Choosing a change topic Worksheet: Choosing a change topic Experience a change cycle Quiz

Changeability assessment

Assessing your own readiness for change


Complete your own assessment Worksheet: Changeability


Dimensions and levers of change

Your digital coach Bloom

Use Coach Bloom to reflect through your desired change


Digital versus paper Practical: Experience a change cycle on Bloom Quiz


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